Moon Spells

Moon Spells

Moon Spells

Moon Spells

Every people have its secret in their life. If you are doing job in the private or government sector but many guy are opposite of you and you want to remove all your enemies in your life than you used the Moon spells. It is very effective in your life. Moon spells used at mid night and the special night of pornima after the used it you feel free from all your enemies and make your life very easy and joy full. This spell makes your soul and heart so strong which no one can harm you.

Full Moon Spells

If you want energy from moon because you want win from all your enemies than used different types of techniques but all are waste but if you used the Full moon spells then you get energy from all these solutions. Full moon spells is simple method for increased the energy first of you used pint of a clear jar and full the jar with the pure water take a silver coin inside the jar and then used the bell and you used the white or silver candle, all these process do at the night must be in the full moon and pry to the God after used this you feel change in your life.

New Moon Spells

Different types of spells but if you want to attract someone special in your life than used spells but if you used New moon spells after the used this you realize that person really attracted with you and you got love of someone special. If you used these processes than New moon spells you need flowing items as first of you used two green candles and draw string bag and a magnet and the full night you used this you used a paper and draw silver string in a paper pry the God take the magnet in your hand must be your soul and heart is so pure really you get things according your wishes.

Waning Moon Spells

Waning means moon decreased the size full this moon moving full moon to new moon this is the perfect time of spells. Waning moon spells means you can remove all your bad habits. If you are caught in bad relationship after the used the Waning moon spells you really free from all your bad relationship in your life. In this time you are directly contact with the Goddesses of moon who save you from all bad things, after the used this you get changes in your life. Waning 14 days of its period after the 14 days you get again. It is used only in the night.

Full Moon Love Spells

If you want a true love or you want a true lover by used from the spell. If you are so ambiguous person and you want everything from the life than you used the Full moon love spells it is white magic and it is save not to use this for the innocent person. Full moon love spells is really changed your life because after the used this you get your true lover. If you used this spell in other direction that it is harmful for you or your family so not used to other directions.

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